Safe Surfing: How to protect your privacy by using a proxy server?

Privacy and Anonymity on the internet have become increasingly important fro internet users, as tampering and privacy breaches are on the rise. Whether it is about your social networking account, shopping website account or your own business website, your confidential or classified information always face a danger of being violated. If you are worried and looking for an advanced solution, there is something that can help you to carry privacy levels higher than before, “Proxy Server.”

What is Proxy Server?

Before we tell you, “how to protect your privacy by using a proxy server,” we’ll tell you what Proxy Server is?

Proxy server acts as a mediator between the internet and the user’s computer. Basically, it is used for business purposes, although one can also use it at home. It is a middle computer that sits between the primary server and the client or user that collects information from the main source. If an employee accesses the computer for any information instead of accessing the primary sever, he/can can collect information from the proxy computer. It not just makes the every function smoother and faster thus boosting the efficiency but, also helps in blocking certain information or website that employers do not want to bring in use or make public at the workplace.

Privacy Protection

Proxy server acts a substitute for another system for accessing information. If said in terms of privacy; each of us is assigned with an IP address, along with this IP comes a lot of information about us. These are the information that was put in order to help reputable websites to serve us better; this is where the problem arises. As we know, not all the websites are reliable, a website.  Now, when you click a webpage to load, your IP establishes a connection with that website’s server, thereby passing your IP and information along to the loaded webpage. The problem is, this information can be intercepted along the way by someone with bad intention.

So, a proxy is a server that accesses intermediate, of course you may think that it leaves you venerable, accept that proxy server is a secure server that you may a secure connects with. Your information is passed directly to it and it in turn passes your information along with the requested information. You may use and proxy and hide your real indentify while accessing all the desired information in its actual form. The server will show the used Proxy IP address instead yours and thus helps you to keep your private things, “JUST PRIVATE.”

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